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***Updated to add: Why does Ezra wake up throwing up (the first time he has EVER had a stomach bug) on the day we are packed and ready to head out for family togetherness and Carowinds?)***

Why do my children ONLY sleep in on the (very few) days we actually have to be out of the house early?

In the same vein...

Why do my children take their ONLY consistent nap of the week on the one day that we have to leave the house before nap time should end?

Why does food taste better (according to Ezra) when eaten under the table?

Why do I own four (4) pairs of brown flip-flops? And feel like I need another?

Why do ticks like Ella and ignore Ezra?

Why can't all people communicate like I do?

Why do toys instantly attain high value by my children when viewed in the trash can?

Why can't they hurry up already and give us some travel dates to go get our son?

Why can't I crave salads instead of chocolate?

Why is picking your nose a universal developmental milestone for kids reached only in highly public areas?

Why is screaming "I picked my nose" in said highly public areas wildly amusing to a two year old boy?

Why can't the sleepy cuddle times of the day last longer?

Feel free to share any of your latest why's?!
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Jeanne said...

The classic "Why?": Why do my kids (and yours, too, surely) never want or need my attention until a) I am on the potty, b) I am on the phone, c) I have just drifted off to sleep, or d) One of the OTHER family members wants attention, either for an actual need or for one of the above reasons.