Flashback Friday: Four Months

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This was my first glimpse of my brother, Andrew, age 5, adopted from Bulgaria just 4 short months ago:

This was my first in real life meeting of him this January:

This was him this week:

In four short months he went from being a 20lb five year old who would didn't talk and did not even sit upright...to starting to venture out and explore his world...to making his first sounds and taking his first steps this week!

Go here to read more of his story (and see a video of him walking around!).

I was so excited for him I just had to share...
and what a beautiful real life picture of the words of Isaiah 61:3...

He will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair."
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wow, how awesome is that!! thanks for sharing, and for the tears of rejoicing for what God can do through his people who are obedient!