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I confess to being a surface level organizer.

Let me explain: Everything within eye sight always stays organized or else it just drives me crazy. That is why if you drop by unexpectedly my house always appears clean and neat.

However. Don't look in my dresser drawers. Or under my kitchen cabinet. And heaven forbid do not look in my bathroom drawers.

Out of sight and out of mind, right?
Until I can't stand it anymore. Or I can't open a drawer because of all the clothes just stuffed in them.

Following in this nesting phase I've been going through every single area of my house that is typically unorganized is slowly being transformed into unrecognizable formations or organization.

Case in point: On the surface, this is how my bathroom counter always looks. Don't be deceived though, as the next pictures shows what evil lurks behind the closed drawers.

I suppose this would be the after shot:

It is amazing what 15 minutes and $5 in walmart organizers will do to a bathroom drawer.

And yes. All four of us share the same bathroom. And those are all our toiletries, the majority of them being Ella's abundance of hair accessories. I know, gasp. What can I say, I'm a simple kind of gal.

In other news...still no news about official travel dates to go get Eli. The family that I know of that passed court 2 weeks ahead of us did get their dates for the first week of June, so I am assuming we will travel the week of the 13th if all goes as planned.

I am plugging through that to do list of mine. I'll have to post an update about that soon. I was most excited that Jeremiah got our new kitchen bench built last weekend. Now we officially have room for five at the table! Pictures to come later...

I am attempting to take both kids at the same time to dentist appointments this morning. Ella is an old pro and will do fine I'm sure. Ezra. Um, not so sure. I will either walk out of their feeling like mother of the year or making a quick getaway. We shall see.

We are going to Carowinds with the kids this weekend. It will be their first experience at any kind of theme park and we are excited to see how it goes. Keeping expectations low, but excited still =)

Happy Thursday!
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Haha, I loved this post. And I must confess that I am a surface level organizer as well. I hope you guys hear about your travel dates soon! I'm excited for you, it won't be long now! :)

Pam said...

I love this post too!! I am feeling great relief to know that it is ok to be a surface organizer!! And wow, your bathroom drawers make me want to get to work on mine today! So excited for your upcoming travel dates! It must feel like the anxiety of when exactly will I go into labor! Have fun at Carowinds or should I say 'good luck' (HA!)