Summer 2010

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Oh, how I love summer.

It's a good thing because in North Carolina...summer comes early! This week is a testament to that statement. I've already packed away pretty much all our long sleeved shirts and pants. The winter coats were gone a while ago. Closed toed shoes? Gone weeks ago.

(Not that Ella ever actually wore pants this winter, but they were in her drawer. For suggestive purposes I suppose.)

Catching lightning bugs with the kids, going to the pool, popsicles...ah, the list on summer delights goes on and on.

And since I love a good list...why stop there?

Things I love about Summer:
The beach
Flip flops (if only I could get Ezra to get over his irrational fear of them. Weird, I know.)
Grilling out
Family vacation
Cook Out milkshakes (Reeses cup is my personal favorite)
Eating out of our garden
Unscheduled days

Of course, this summer will be a little bit more eventful than normal for us. Perhaps another list is in order.

Summer 2010 things I am excited for:
Going to Africa for the first time
Bringing home our new son
Becoming a family of five
Welcoming new neice, Maddy, and friends Josh and Kristen's little Natalie
Welcoming new brother and sister from Ghana, names still to be determined

What about you? I'd love to know what has you excited about the upcoming Summer season!

Mommy and Ella
Summer 2009
Outer Banks, North Carolina
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mommajeane said...

Ooh I remember that evening at the beach...Yes I am right there with you about summer.You and Dad with your lists :)

Erin Hemric said...

getting a tan and finishing grad school are at the top of my list. and, well...finding a job! :)

Dana said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Ella! xoxo

Hollan said...

Jenn,My family enjoys time in june at Gulf Shores,AL! That is all we have planned wish i was going on a missions trip this summer! Hollan