Not Me Monday

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I always delight in my daughter's creativity...expressed on a daily level in her outfit choices.

Delight. Encourage. Foster. Promote. Approve. Advance. Abet. Invite. Applaud.


Therefore, I would never resort articles of clothing way in the back of her drawers (and way under the other clothes) in an effort discourage some of her creations.


Not Me.
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Tasha Via said...

I would NEVER interfere with that creative side of my kids either;)

Jeanne said...

I would NEVER send my 5-year-old back to bed at 4am without really checking out what is wrong. Because if I did, I might miss until the next day the fact that the cat has pooped in his bed and his foot is COVERED with poop, which I might mistake for mud and wash in the kitchen sink. That would be kinda gross, and some mom might be lazy enough to do it, but NOT ME.

I think see Project Runway in Ella's future!