all about the ezra (recap of ezra's birthday)

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Better late than never...once again. I am beginning to feel like that is the story of my life right now.


Ezra had a great birthday. My Dad and a few of my siblings came down for the occasion. Of course Ezra requested a lightning mcqueen party. A-gain. I feel like I am in a never ending cycle of lightning mcqueen parties. Next year I am going to insist on a spiderman party. Or batman. Or something other than lightning mcqueen for the boys.


We have a birthday tradition where Jeremiah takes out each child for breakfast on their special day, so Ezra and Daddy enjoyed some pancakes at Ihop. This was followed up by a morning at Monkey Joe's.

Because a belly full of pancakes and a morning full of jumping and bouncing is such a great idea, ya know.

Afterwards they headed home for a par-tay. And par-tay we did. Like it was 2006. Complete with funfetti cake and cheetos.

Because a belly full of pancakes, a morning full of jumping, and an afternoon full of cake and cheeto's is such a great idea, ya know.

Of course we had some presents. We have entered the world of Lego's around this house. Part of me loves the imaginative play it spurns and the quiet hours it occupies. Part of me wants to go insane at all the little pieces I am forever stepping on or finding all over the house.


It was a great day for a great little boy, who I still can't believe has made it to the ripe old age of four!

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mommajeane said...

It looks and sounds like an Ezra kind of party...I know Paw Paw loved it.