zoe elizabeth: one month

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Technically these are her 1 month + 1 week pictures and update.
Because how boring is it to just do a 1 month photo shoot.
Or (shhh...don't tell her) maybe it is just that with kiddo #4 exact dates aren't quite so important.

And i have to just throw this out there: I feel really bad for my 1st two kiddo's because the quality of their early photos just plain stink.

Moving on...

Zoe has developed a whole slew of nicknames. ZhoZho, ZhoZho bear, Zooble, Miss Z, and so on and so forth.

She loves to eat. And sleep. And poop. And repeat.

But glory be...we are starting to see the beginnings of the first real smiles. And she is starting to stay awake for longer periods. The newborn lumpy-ness is passing and a real person is emerging.

That makes me both sad and happy all at the same time.

She has worked into a pretty good little schedule and pretty much eats about every 3 hours during the day and gives me two good 4+ hour stretches at night. She loves to be held and rocked and sung to. Her favorite song is "you are my sunshine" in case you were wondering. She doesn't care much for her bouncy seat or play mat-thingy yet, but oddly enough really enjoys her tummy time.

How cutie is this little booty...

And these are just for Nana...
(i give all you others permission to enjoy as well)

"Mom, please stop taking my picture already...I'm so sleepy

Happy 1 month baby girl!
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ADawson said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to get to meet her!

oh my goodness...what a ball full of newborn girly cuteness!

ohhh she is so beautiful! I love the dark hair!! I think daddy marked this one! ;-) hug her for me!

She is adorable! I just sat and got all caught up on your blog :) What a perfect ending to your last biological baby! It almost makes you want to have just 1 more, ha!

mommajeane said...

She is so cute. I think she looks alot like Addie in these pics.. Definetly Jeremiah's little girl. I can't believe she is a month old already.