first bath

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Zoe had her first official tub bath last week.

Did she like it?

I'm so glad you asked.

Yes, she liked it. In fact she liked it so much that she did a first for us...she fell asleep while in the bath. Typical Zoe.

Oh, and did you notice the delicious chubs she is working on? Oh so kissable.
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ohhh she is a sweetheart!!

mommajeane said...

Oh my ... I can't stand being so far from you guys. She is so cute.

Tasha Via said...


How precious. I can honestly say that I have never seen a child fall asleep getting a bath.

Allyson said...

absolutely precious! I can't wait to meet her! I'd love to see you guys before you move away!

Susan said...

She's adorable!!!

We'll miss you. My little guy is really going to miss your two little guys. When he says his bedtime prayers, he asks God to look after all his friends, including Ezra, Eli....Blues Clues....etc. :)

DeeDee said...

so great. i love the chub. love, love. she is such a cutie. well done!

Briana said...

yea... DeeDee was Briana, again. sorry.

She is SO adorable! I've never seen a baby fall asleep in the bath before - that's hilarious. I'm guessing she's been pretty laid back so far?