Thursday Thoughts

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Ezra ate an entire tube of chapstick yesterday.

He's a rare one, that one.

Four weeks. Four whole weeks. That's how old my Zoe is today. I had a fourth child moment this week when I realized I had never scheduled her one month check up. It'll be more like her 6 week check up. But, ah...I know she is doing great. What's a few extra weeks.

Ezra also fed Zoe a honeysuckle blossom yesterday.

Thankfully, I was able to intervene not too long after the "sharing" incident.

Poor poor helpless fourth child.

She looks real neglected, no.

My name is Jennifer. I like mexican food, taking pictures, reading, cheesy hallmark commercials, rearranging furniture, anything by Francis Chan, rap music, and I once aspired to be a breakdancer. I dislike indecisiveness, knick knacks, green beans, and confrontations. My favorite color is green. I look terrible in skinny jeans. I think I made the (second) best decision of my life when I married Jeremiah. I am pretty smart, but no genius. I love Rothko's work. I loathe Kincaid's work. My favorite song is Amazing Grace...the more soulful the better. I am a list maker and thrive on organization but I can't keep my dresser drawers clean to save my life. I most long for the day when I get to meet my Savior. And I secretly like to watch bull riding on tv when nobody is looking.

Sometimes during this season of my life of taking care of four little's I can feel so swallowed up and forget...well, forget me. Forget who I am and what I like and the fact that I can have conversations on subject matters beyond my kids. Forget that God created me with a unique plan and that he not only loves me...he likes me. I forget that I like me. Or maybe on those days when I feel pushed and stressed and sleep deprived...I don't like the me that is currently me.

Ok, enough about me.
After all, it really isn't about me.

Fall is just around the corner. I know this because 1) Starbucks is now serving their pumpkin spice latte, and 2 ) our hay fields are being mown this week.

No more views like this one...

I have to admit, I get as excited as the kids do when the tractors start showing up.

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

I love Ella's hand on top of Zoe. Well that Ezra...what flavor was it ?

Dana said...

I have to say...the rap music, breakdancing and skinny jeans comments threw me! ( don't look bad in ANYTHING!)

wow that little ella bella looks like you sitting there! and that sweet chapstick eating boy, he can come to grammas anytime!

Tasha Via said...

What a sweet post:)

Briana said...

thanks for posting your "who i am" section. man i feel ya. but i'm still not convinced on the skinny jeans...perhaps we will have to go shopping again. miss you. let me know when you next head to VA.