Zoe's Birth Story

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Better late than never, eh.

This is a birth story, so, boys...duh, this is your warning if you don't like reading about such things.

At my 38 week doctors appointment I was already dilated to almost 4cm and my doctor suggested we go ahead and schedule an induction for the following week. I was only more than happy to agree!

The Wednesday of my induction was a perfect day. Jeremiah was off and we took the kids to the park in the morning for a breakfast picnic. The weather was beautiful and I was able to just soak up the time with my sweet family. It was very surreal knowing that I was going to have a baby that night...but in a good way.

My parents came in later that afternoon and we did some last minute packing and getting things ready. After a good dinner of Japanese food (I learned my lesson the hard way with Ella to eat BEFORE you go to the hospital!) we said our goodbyes to the kids and headed to the hospital.

We got checked in around 9pm and we were able to talk with my doctor and get to know my nurse. It was a unusually quiet night at the hospital, or so I was told by everyone. By midnight I was hooked up to the IV and officially started the pitocin.

My contractions quickly picked up in intensity and were coming about every 3-5 minutes but I was able to handle them well with just some deep breathing. I was checked around 2am and was at 5cm. I was still able to handle the contractions, which were still coming about every 3-5 minutes. They weren't lasting very long though...about 30 seconds each. Things stayed pretty much the same for the next few hours, although my contractions were now about 2-3 minutes apart, but still not lasting very long. My parents joined us at the hospital at this point, while my sister stayed at home while the kids were sleeping.

Around 5am I had my water broken and I got an epidural. Getting the epidural was not a fun experience this time around, definitely the most painful of all of mine...but the effectiveness of it was incredible. I could still feel pressure, but absolutely no pain. I could still move my legs and felt very in control of my body...I just didn't feel any pain. I was as comfortable as one can be while having a baby!

I was able to rest a little bit over the next hour and was checked around 6am and was at 7cm. I knew it wouldn't be long then because with both Ella and Ezra once I reached that point they were both born within the hour.

Sure enough right before 7am I felt extreme pressure and knew it was time. I pulled my nurse aside and told her that I was a really good pusher and to not turn my epidural down...that I would prove that I could do it while still remaining pain free! She laughed at me, but agreed to test me out. She checked me and I was 10cm and complete and they scurried around calling my doctor and getting things set up.

I think this was the point when I got incredibly emotional. I was so happy to be bringing new life into the world, made especially sweet after losing our Myla two years ago.

Once I got the ok to push...I pushed through 3 contractions and there she was...our sweet Zoe.

It was an incredible birth experience, my most comfortable, quickest, and controlled. I didn't tear at all, despite Zoe being 2lbs heavier than my other two birthed babies. She immediately nursed and was so alert in those first few moments.

Bliss. Absolute bliss.

I swear I would pop out 10 babies before I'd be pregnant again.

It was also really special to have my parents there for her birth, especially knowing that Zoe will be our last biological baby. I was glad to be able to share that with them. Jeremiah was an incredible support throughout it all...as he has been with all of them. I keep telling him that he should consider becoming a doula in his spare time.

I kid, people. But not about the being incredible part.

And the best part of all of this...getting to be her mommy.

Yep. Think I'll keep her.
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Ashley said...

Such a sweet story! She is precious.

Ha ha, spare time! Beautiful story. I never get tired of hearing about births, they are all truly miraculous! (And I'm with you--12 labor/deliveries I could do, but another pregnancy? Not even if I were 20 years younger!) Congratulations on your beautiful, blessed Zoe.

Briana said...

i bet the planner in you loved knowing when it was going to happen and being prepared, eh? Pretty good story and such a cute ending. Congrats on the adorable baby and not being pregnant anymore!