thursday thoughts (on friday)

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I am exhausted.
No real reason, other than just keeping up with 4 kids...and life in general.

Don't get me in general is awesome, we are just going through so many transitions at the moment that at any given moment I am fighting to keep perspective and just focus on the day (and moment!) that I am in.

Jeremiah started his new job at the creek this week. He is loving it. Therefore, I am loving it.

At the moment he is working from home. Which is great. And not so great. The whole work from home thing is great in theory and there are a lot of advantages to it at this stage in our family...I am just not used to having him in "my space" all the time. And I know he is figuring things out as well.

Zoe started giving us "real" smiles this week. She is still really selective about them and they are few and far between...but, oh...the sweetness. Seeing that smile makes all the pregnancy woes and sleepless nights absolutely worth it.

No. No smile has been caught on camera yet, because the moment I break out the big black box she shuts down and just stares at it. But don't you worry, this momma is on a mission to capture it. And when I am on a mission it is just a matter of time...

Zoe finally went for her 1 month check up this week. Only 2 weeks late...but, whatever. The girl weighs in at a whopping 11lbs! And just for reference sake, Ella weighed 7lbs at 1 month. Oh, how I love me some baby rolls.

And how I love discovering sweet moments like this one...

Here's to a weekend filled with lots of sweet moments for everyone!

Happy Friday!
(and Fall!)
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Dad working at home is ROUGH. I hate that arrangement. It makes it very hard I think. He is there but not available. We struggle with those times.

Also, I am at least two months late on all well child check ups at this point. I blame the little people.

Cute shot!