proof of a miracles existance (ezra turns four)

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Ezra turns four years old today.

Although if you ask him he will tell you he is five.
Because five is the promised land of no naps and older kid privileges in our household.

I write a lot about him.
Because he gives me a lot to write about.

He is so funny.
He is so exhausting.
He is so smart.
He is oh so cute.

He is unique.
He is determined.

He is a fruitatarian.
He is obsessive compulsive.
He is extremely sensitive and will fall apart if you yell at him. (not that he is ever yelled at...ahem)
He is very very very eager to learn.
He is a master paper airplane builder.

He is not a follower.
He is not easily swayed.
He will not do anything just because he knows you want him to.
He will not focus on anything else until he has mastered the latest obsession of his.

He hates loud noises, feeling out of control, and potatoes.

He loves to make you laugh.
He loves to laugh at you.

All of my kids have revealed things to me about my character. However, Ezra wins the prize for showing me most my need for the Lords help in this parenting adventure. I am extremely thankful for the things his life and personality have taught me. He has made me a better Mom. And person.

He has made me laugh till I cried.
He has made me cry till I laughed.

I know the Lord has a very unique plan for his special personality.

Happy Birthday Ezra James...

you are deeply deeply loved.

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mommajeane said...

Happy birthday Ezra....boy mommy sure knows her kids :) We love how the Lord made you and know you are an awesome yg. boy of 4.

Kelly Via said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ezra!! What a blessing you are, little FOUR year old!!

Happy Birthday Exra! We love you and miss you so much! I can't believe you are four years old already! WOW!! We hope you have a GREAT day!!

hugs and kisses,
gramma & Pawpaw

Bobbie Grant said...

That is one cute dimpled face!

cate said...

Happy Birthday Ezra....I love you