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As usual I heard a crash about 2 minutes into roomtime. It was followed up by Ezra's cry.

I peeked through the sliver crack of their door to make sure there wasn't any blood or dismembered children.

I saw Ella bent over her brother, pulling up his sleeve, and administering a healing kiss. Along with the kiss I heard the words "It's ok buddy" uttered.


Moments like this make it all worth it.

And by all I mean all.

Even the craigslist moments of last week.


Had any this moments lately?
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how sweet :)

the broomes said...

wow-- what a precious "this" to watch through the crack in the door...if only you would have had the video camera with you:) I watched from around the corner today as Joshua lovingly lifted Caleb up and out of the bathroom, away from the toilet. Thank You, God, for sweetness from big siblings:)