Thursday Thoughts (of the shallow kind)

I believe there is a conspiracy by the Keebler elves to lace their Fudge Shoppe cookies with crack.

Just an observation.

Ahem. Moving on...

I dearly and deeply love love love my children. I realize the blessing they are in my life. I am constantly pricked by the perspective that I am not promised tomorrow with them.

That said, I am seriously considering putting them up for sale on craigslist this week.

Ahem. Moving on...

Valentine's day is a mere 3 days away. I love this holiday. Not the cheesy commercial part of it with the cards or chocolates or cutesy stuffed bears. I love that there is a whole day designated to tell those you love how much you love them.

That is, if they haven't sold yet on craigslist.

At our house we carry on a few valentine's day traditions including making homemade valentines for family and friends, a family breakfast of heart shaped pancakes followed up by a fun family outing. Jeremiah and I are going on a date tomorrow night for our own Valentine's day celebration. Two dates in two weeks could be a new record for us!

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting up spiderman stickers from hardwood floors without damaging the floors?

Or how to rehydrate the set of brand new dry erase markers that got left out without any tops put back on them?

Or how to fix a scratch in the beloved Disney Cars dvd?

Or how to get a four year old not to freak out when a two year old even so much as looks in the same direction of her toys.

Or how to get a two year old not to...

Ahem. Moving on...

Despite our early no-minivan for us mantra...we are welllll...looking for a minivan. We would prefer something under $10,000 with relatively low miles. The Honda Odyssey is our first choice, but the likelihood of finding one for under $10k with low miles is a little slim. We also like the Kia Sedona or Hyundai Entourage. Just putting it out there for your radars in case any of you know of any good deals.

Or anybody who would like to give one to us =)

I am having loads of fun with my new camera and lenses...

Happy Thursday!


Pam said...

Thanks for the laugh!! It was greatly needed today. We most definitely need to get together and catch up as I see your days look very similar to my own. :)

Becky Swann said...

This was funny!
spider man stickers, I know hot water and dish soap is great for getting labels off of jars...maybe the same rule applies, or the magic eraser?
put plain ole toothpaste on the dvd to get out the scratch, it works on cds!
Well I'm off to buy some cute kids on Craiglist...

Susan said...

Hey Jenn! Your blog is great! I love your style of writing and your photos are great! Olivia adores Ella and Ezra, and well...that's why we are here. :) We've had your adoption card on our fridge to remind us to keep you all in prayer (which we do quite often). Anyway, it's about time I get on here and check out your blog, eh? If you and Jeremiah want a date night in WF one night, we'll be glad to keep your adorable kiddos. Maybe you can stroll the campus or eat out downtown or something. Just let us know. Oh,and I have had one of those kinds of weeks with my kids, too. Can't wait for warmer weather to get them outside to get rid of all this crazy energy!

Kelly Via said...

he...hee...he.heee..laughing here. Sorry that you are debating putting your children on the market :)

Looks like you are having fun with your camera! How are you liking that new lens?

Briana said...

i'm feeling especially proud of you. the post was highly entertaining, the pictures are really, really good and I just miss you lots and lots. This is not nearly as eloquent a comment as i would like, and i'm not sure that's how you spell eloquent but i sure do love ya.

Tasha Via said...

Stickers off the floor - fingernail polish remover. That should do it and not ruin the floor=)

mommajeane said...

I already know about your past few weeks :) Let me know when you price them... You don't need a buyer... I will put up with them :) Honestly how about a trade... I have had a rough time with a couple of ours and we can trade....Try the orange goo stuff we used to use to get stickers off of glasses or vases that had price tags on them... it does not harm floors.


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