Olympic Playdate

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Since all of my Via sisters live less than an hour from each other, we rotate houses every Tuesday for a playdate. Between the five of us ladies, we have eleven (very soon to be 12 with Chala!) children, the oldest turning five this weekend.

You could say we've been a little busy.

It's always crazy, always a little chaotic, and always a lot of fun!

This Tuesday was my turn to host. With the temperature reaching the 60 degree mark and eleven children with energy to spare heading outside was a must.

A little climbing of the trees and farm gates, a little bit of preschool "olympic" relay races, add in some popsicles and you have yourself a great day...

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Kelly Via said...

It was a FUN time!! The Hambrick Farm is SO much fun; add that with good weather and good company...and you've got yourself a great day!

I loved the games too: I think that having something 'special' to do adds a little spice to the playdate and helps mix things up a bit!! It was a great idea!

Love the pics ;) I would like to see all of them sometime. Love the pic of Zeke on the gate...he was just so stinkin' cute up there (he was just screaming 'photo op'!!) And Cana's cheese in the popsicle one is hilarious to me too :)

It looks like a lot of fun! I am so ready for 60 degrees!!!!! Come on Spring! :)

Tasha Via said...

What GREAT pictures! Thanks for sharing these and thanks for planning a great playday! My kids loved it=)