Love Weekend: I love Ella

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I love her eyes. Not green. Not brown. When they catch the light they remind me of a close up view of a fresh cut tree trunk. In a beautiful way.

I love her independence. It will be the thing that draws her to her own relationship with her creator, rather than riding on the coat tails of her parents. It will be the thing that creates um,...unique outfits that she will look back on and laugh about.

I love her attempts at telling jokes.

I love her loyalty.

I love her imagination. When she puts on her superhero cape, she is a superhero.

I love Ella.
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Briana said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures. wow. That first shot is just great, she looks so much like

mommajeane said...

I love her too!

Bobbie Grant said...

She does look just like you. Beautiful!