Click Moment

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I have read about the moment that things just "click" for a young reader.

They get it. They just get it.

Ella had that moment this week. (As opposed to the library moment of the week!)

We have been working through the alphabet, letter sounds, memorizing connecting words, and oh yes, she was highly determined to read.

(I's hard to imagine a daughter of mine highly determined about something!)

I introduced her to the Bob Book series this week and (insert click moment) off she went...

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mommajeane said...

How very precious... a whole lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment has begun for her... we are so proud of her as well! It was so good to see our favorite grandbabies in NC this am... thanks Jenn.It gave me a beautiful start to my day!

Kelly Via said...

Aunt Kelly is so very proud!! That is just so awesome!! Ella is doing such a great job, and it is so sweet to see her reading to Ezra too!

Kelly Via said...

It looks like you may have printed the book on the computer? Where did you get a printable version of the books??

Jeanne said...

I have 2 large Bob book collections that you could borrow if you want to (34 books in all). We also have Biscuit books and some other simple phonics readers. TJ isn't really into them yet. You can go through lots of them quickly. Ella is amazing!

Kelly - check the Via family blog...I put where I got my books from in a comment. A pretty good deal I thought.

Jeanne - Thank you for the offer, but I went ahead and invested in a set for our home school...I figure I've got a lot of readers coming up in the future =)!

Yay, Ella! Her reading to Ezra is too cute!