Fast Getaway

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I took the kids with me to the world of Best Buy this week.

I was mid conversation with a nice young salesman when Ezra starts to lose it. Lose it in the high pitched whine/wiggle/attempt to climb out of his seat kind of way.

I stopped and asked him what was wrong...



Not two minutes later the aforementioned nice young salesman hands me the lens we had been discussing earlier, placing his hand and arm directly in front of Ezra's face.


Snot was flung.
Onto (and all over) the nice young salesman's hands.

I apologized.
Paid for my lens...
and quickly slunk out of the store.

Some days you win.
Some days you just need to make a fast getaway.
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Kelly Via said...

Hey, but you left with a very nice lens; and you got a great deal at that!! Congrats on the {snot covered} lens!

Becky Swann said...

My friends and I refer to those fast getaways as "aborting the mission" some days you just have to!

Tasha Via said...

That is SO funny! I can only imagine the workers face when that happened, hahaha=)