Hambrick Baby #3

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No silly. Not a baby baby.

A camera baby.

(Go ahead and admit it. I got you, didn't I!)

This camera baby...

Otherwise known as a Nikon D5000.

Thank you to everyone who offered advice!

I know I said that I had almost enough saved up for a new camera...but, we found a better deal on it than we were expecting so I actually ended up having just enough!

The manual and I are getting very well acquainted these past few days. I am forcing myself to keep the camera on manual and play with such things as white balance, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, among other things.

I am having to brush up on my graphic design photoshop skills as well. (College feels like such a long time ago!)

And the kids are already telling me that they don't want to look at the camera anymore =)

Can you see it? The "I'm just tolerating you look" in his eyes...

Oh boy, are they going to be frustrated with their Mommy!
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YAY!! Where did you end up getting it from? Great job on the picture already! :)

Deb H said...

wow, awesome picture, it looks so sharp! is that my imagination??
too cool!

Briana said...

very nice! oh you will LOVE your camera. once you see the quality difference you will never be able to go back. i'm excited to see the beautiful pics that will be appearing on your blog.

I am the mom said...

We acquired a new camera ourselves the other day and I was playing with it after the kids went to bed. My husband finally said, "you're making me blind over here". :)