Love Weekend

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No takers on craigslist yet.

Therefore, I am hereby declaring it love weekend here at the Hambrick household.

I have a few posts to come out this weekend with such titles as: Things I love about Ezra, Things I love about Ella, and Things I love about Jeremiah.

I'll kick it off today with a list of random things I love:

I love quarters. Not dimes, pennies, or nickels. For some reason I always feel rich when I have a change purse full of quarters.

I love the colors green, brown, yellow, and red. Together. For my house, not my clothes.

I love the smell of lowes.

I love vintage Jennifer Knapp music.

I love vaseline chapstick. It's the only kind I use, and I use it liberally every day, quite a few times a day.

I love breakfast. My favorite meal of the day.

I love feeling insignificant. Staring at the night sky or across the ocean.


Feel free to join in on the love fest this weekend...leave a comment or link to your blog about what you love!
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Briana said...

man i do love Jennifer Knapp too...i've lost her first cd...very upsetting...i love quarters really do feel rich! I would like to see some photos of your house colors...or just photos of your house! You were supposed to do that remember...

oh, and I love you.

I love your blog! and ALL of you of course!

Happy Valentines Day!!