Innocence of the Young

We made our normal weekly trek to the library yesterday morning.

We were having fun reading books, working on puzzles, playing in the cool tent set up in the children's section, and typing on the computers when Ella asked to go to the bathroom.

Now, there is a family bathroom right there in the children's area so I just told her to go ahead while I stayed out with Ezra.

No biggie.


About five minutes later I hear a loud voice yelling in the library.

Really, who lets their children yell in the library. What kind of mother?!

Wait a second...

I recognize that voice.

Oh dear. It's Ella.

Asking me to come and please wipe her bottom. With the bathroom door wide open. With her pants down to her ankles and her bottom stuck right up in the air.

Oh, Ella.

The innocence of a four year old.


mommajeane said...

Just smiling here in WV imagining that... but you remember Ben?

Jennifer said...

Hilarious...a good story to remember for when she's older!

Deb H said...

I love it, I laughed outloud!

I am the mom said...

Sara Beth would SO do that!!!


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