Love Weekend: I love Ezra

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I love his sweet turned down mouth at rest. Rarely is it at rest these days.

I love his dimples.
The one on the right cheek is the heart melter. The one on the left is the knock out punch.

I love his enthusiastic enjoyment of pancakes.

I love his wide open heart. No strangers or bad guys in his little world.

I love the way he plays with blocks.
Holding his mouth just so. Completely entrenched in his creation. Sometimes roads. Sometimes garages to hold his cars. Sometimes tall towers. Sometimes precarious castles.

I love Ezra.
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Aww, such sweet posts about your kids! And you're getting good with your new camera, I love the pictures where you focus on the subject and then blur out the background! Haappy picture-taking :)

mommajeane said...

We love Ezra too!

Love these posts, and loving your new pics!

Jennifer said...

These posts about your children are very sweet!

Bobbie Grant said...

He really is a doll! Those dimples, he's going to be a lady killer!

Kristen said...

I also love Ezra's dimples...I was asking Josh Friday night how we can get a baby with dimples :) PS - Your pictures look great!