Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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Somehow Thursday flew by me.

I managed to clean the whole house, do 3 loads of laundry, plan 2 weeks of meals, run errands to the bank, pharmacy, library, and post office, pack the whole family for a trip to VA for the weekend, and then drive to VA with the whole family + dog. Whew.

One of our goals for 2010 was to be more intentional in traveling to visit family.

Hence the trip to VA this weekend. We are staying with our Via family and we all are having a great time!

We got to spend the morning with Jeremiah's Granny and check out her new digs. I think Granny had special training in what to give a 4 year old great granddaughter to make her the happiest 4 year old in the world...

Real high heels.
Angel snow globe.
Box of chicklets.

Ezra managed to eat all her cough drops and not break anything. His box of chicklets has already been consumed.

It is trips like these that I realize how overwhelmingly blessed we are.

Pictures to come later...

Happy Friday!


p.s. Yes, I am again tweaking my blog. I am using the minima stretch blogger template and just played with the fonts and colors so that nothing is the default setting. I am hoping to add in some pages and maybe some other features...stay tuned!
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Ohhh I really like the new layout! I have NO idea how to change that stuff on my blog :)

Kelly Via said...

New layout looks great!! I don't know what a 'minima stretch blogger template' is, though. Could you elaborate? It looks real great!! I do have an issue however. I am no longer under your blog friends. What is this all about? This is NOT a good tweak, and you need to fix this little blunder. If not, I am throwing in the towel and our friendship is over.

Ok...not really.