Thursday Thoughts: Referral Story, part one

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How bout that. A Thursday thoughts on Thursday.

Wonders never cease.

This time last Thursday we got our referral call. Things have kind of seemed in a blur ever since. For me time will forever be split between life before knowing about Chala and life after knowing about Chala.

While in the wait, part one, I loved to read other adoptive families stories of their referral calls. Some even made videos. I admit to tearing up a bit at those. There was always such excitement, such anticipation leading up to the call, and oh my...such emotion. I read of moments of instant love for couples seeing their child for the first time. Instant connection.

I promised several months ago to always share my honest feelings as we go throughout our adoption journey.


Here is my honest account of our referral day:

The day started as a normal Thursday. I cleaned the house and did a few loads of laundry then headed out to the library with the kids. After returning home I started fixing lunch for the kids and thought to check my messages.

Hmm? Don't recognize that number?

"Hello Jeremiah and Jennifer this is ___________ with Adoption Advocates and I am calling to talk with you about a little boy......"

(insert FREAK OUT moment here)

I put the phone down and let out a very loud OH MY GOODNESS! Ella came running to me asking me why I was yelling. My answer (no lie) was that Mommy was freaking out. She gave me a very concerned look. I knew I should explain further but my thoughts were not coherent at that moment.

Please remember that this came out of the blue. I was supposed to be geared up for this. I was supposed to be prepared. In control.

I immediately try to call Jeremiah. No answer. No answer. anwer.

Finally! He answered. I think I gushed out the message. We agreed that I should call back and get more information. (Duh.) Being the patient sort of person that I am in those situations I of course waited until the kids went down for nap and rest time.

Or maybe I turned on Veggie Tales and gave them an open package of Oreos and told the kids that Mommy had to make a very important phone call and I was not to be interrupted for any reason other than the loss of a limb. And it had better be an important limb.

I'm pretty sure I called my mom at some point in this too. You know, what all big girls do. Call their Mom.

I talked with our agency director and got more information about Chala and she said she would send us his picture and file by email and to look over it and call her back with any questions.

(insert check email every 30 sec. moment)

I talked with Jeremiah and we agreed that I will look over the info and call him back to talk with him but wait to look at the picture until he gets home.

Finally (ok, it was only 10 minutes later) get the email...

Stay tuned for part two!
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Ok, so part one of your story has already made me laugh and cry. I'm so happy for you guys! It is an encouragement for me to keep pushing through everything to get stuff on my end done as soon as possible!

Stevo said...

i just got done watching the season finale of one of my favorite shows and it ended with a cliffhanger and now you're doing the same thing. i can't take the suspense. ahhhhhh. can't wait to read part two.

Jennifer said...

On the edge of my seat...

Love your story...and the freak out!

Brings me back. Can't wait to read on.

Pam said...

Your writing is so fun!! I love reading your posts and the cliff hanger definitely makes me want the next part...totally can relate to the oreo cookie part w/ don't bother mommy unless a limb is falling off!