A little sleep a little slumber and little folding of the hands to rest....

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Ella had her first official sleepover last week with her cousin Rainy. That is big stuff in little girl world you know.

On the agenda was fingernails, toenails, make-up, bubble baths, princess movies, popcorn, and lots of girl play time.

Watching them put on make up (without a mirror!) was my personal favorite...

I love Ella's face here when she see's what Rainy looks like =)

Areyna then decided she needed to check it out for herself...

Her exact words to me were "Aunt Jenn, I look weird."

She was quick to wash it all off =)

They disappeared in Ella's room for several hours and came out dripping with necklaces, fairy wings, princess shoes, rings, and the remnants of wiped off make up.

We let them camp out in the basement in their sleeping bags and eat popcorn and watch a princess movie.

Surprisingly, they slept.

In the morning they told us "we tried to keep our eyes open all night but we just fell asleep."

Too cute, these two girls together!

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Tasha Via said...

Areyna LOVED her birthday princess sleepover! Thank you so much for such a sweet gift of friendship for our little girl=)

Awww, what special memories these girls are creating :)

Kelly Via said...

Looks like the girls had a lot of fun!! What a great birthday present!