Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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Spring is here to stay and we are loving it. I am especially loving my kids still sleeping in an extra hour in the mornings. We have been playing outside after dinner all week. Ella is really at a fun age where we can start playing games like freeze tag and hide and seek and she actually gets the concept of the game. She is quite the competitor and consequently we have also had to have quite a few conversations about losing with grace =)

No official news about how the new two trip rule change for all Ethiopian adoptions will affect us. We are still waiting to hear of our court date. It can take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks from submission of case in court...and we are sitting right over the 2 week mark. There is a big part of me that would love for the change to affect us: We would get to meet Eli in as soon as possibly 2 weeks! We would get to bring him home on an IR-3 visa and not have to do a readoption. (translation: about $2000 in legal fees). Then the logistical side of it: Adding an additional $5000+ cost due right now, arranging time off for Jeremiah, where to take the kids, etc. is a lot of variables to work out.

We trust that God is in control and we are finding our peace in that.

Cleaning out my closet is a nice coping mechanism as well.

Side note: I spent ten minutes out of my day yesterday cleaning 1/2 inch plugs of sand out of Ezra's nose. How does one get so much sand up the nose while not at the beach?

A purely hypothetical question of course.

In school this week we learned about St. Patrick and all things green. We did a science experiment (flashback from my elementary school days) with carnations and green food coloring. We experimented with paint and creating as many different shades of green as possible. We played a "find the four leaf clover in the midst of all the three leaf clover" game. We made a collage of all the varying shades of green found in nature...moss, leaves, grass, etc.

It is supposed to be gorgeous weather this weekend here in North Carolina and we are planning on taking full advantage of it!

Happy Friday!
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Ella was so excited about turning the flowers green. She was telling me all about it on Wed. You are doing a great job!

I like reading about your schooling :)