Nature vs. Nurture

We are doing our own version of a nature vs. nurture experiment on Ezra.

Let me explain...

We switched out his normal blue sheets with a more, shall we say, girly set of sheets.

Look closely...

A little closer...

Yep. Princess sheets for our boy.

We will let you know if we notice any changes in him...


Ok, here's the true story:

Ezra has been wetting through his diapers several nights in a row and I just got behind on the laundry and the princess sheet was our only option.

Of course the wetting through the diaper issue seems to have resolved itself now that he is sleeping on the princess sheets.

A gentleman never pees on a princess you know. (That's gotta be a rule somewhere.)

And as for the whole nature vs. nurture thing...

Well you might have noticed that he is sleeping with a mack truck, a race track, and about 67 individual cars on those princess sheets.

I'm pretty sure that cancels out everything, huh.


mommajeane said...

I love his expressions... absolutely adorable and how could you ever get upset with that face... my oh my...


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