Not Me Monday

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My husband and I always work things out in adult ways and therefore never resort to paper-rock-scissor-ing out decisions.

Of course then we did not paper-rock-scissor it out to decide who got to get which kid dressed after bath.

(and I'll only give you one guess as to which one is a to get dressed and therefore the one we both didn't want to lose for!)

I always feed my children well balanced healthy meals.

That said, we did not have pancakes and ice cream for dinner last night.

I always just "give it to God" when I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed by all that is happening with the adoption stuff right now. Therefore, I did not resort to controlling what I have control over and spending the entire night cleaning out/organizing all my clothes, shoes, underwear, bra's, bathing suits, jackets, socks, and bags.

After all, I have Phil 4:6 memorized. I would never do that.

Not me.
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Our Family said...

That is funny! We paper-rock-scissors decisions too :-)