Re. Arrangement.

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One of the many things I inherited from my mother is my love for a good furniture rearrangement.

Abraham, my blind brother, had a really hard time with this growing up. Poor, poor Abe.

I got the bug to move things around over the weekend. So move things around we did.

In the past we have been very limited in this house to minor rearrangements because our television armoire could go in only one spot because of the cable connection. Seeing that we are currently sans television opened up a whole new world (or room) of possibilities.

Since I didn't actually have any "before" photos, the "after" photos won't be quite as dramatic for those of you who haven't actually been to our house before...sorry =)

The new living room arrangements:

The new downstairs playroom:

It's like moving to a whole new house...without the moving part!
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Allyson said...

I love it! -- have yall redecorated the office too?

Erin said...

looks great! and, i love the sun light coming in the living room window. yay spring!

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, I love it! It makes me want to rearrange my house! I am super cleaning after being gone, I might as well make a day out of it=)

mommajeane said...

I like it! It was great mobility training for Abraham to have to navigate around the room differently so much :) Also since I am anti tvish.. gathering areas that encourage people to be together are great... you did a wonderful job of that.

Kelly Via said...

We're getting there...slowly, BUT SURELY!! Jenn, It looks Fantastic!! Great job!

I love it! When can you come and do mine? Looks great!!

Pam said...

Your home is beautiful!