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News came from our adoption agency today. NO extra trip is to be required for us at this point. Ethiopia has decided to suspend the two trip rule indefinitely, according to our agency director, who is in Ethiopia at the moment.

I am happy to know how to make plans, or rather, know that we won't be needing to make plans for a trip to Ethiopia in the next two weeks. Our adoption savings is happy about that too.

My heart is sad though. The thought of getting to meet Eli several weeks sooner than we ever thought possible had thrilled us.

And still no news on a court date as of today, but they expect one to be assigned for us within the next week or two. Not that the actual court date will be in the next week or two, but we will have a date assigned to us. The orphanage workers in Ethiopia will be handing out the welcome bag we put together for Eil this week and we should have a new picture of him receiving it soon. New pictures of Eli are my drug of choice at the moment.

That and furniture rearrangement.

I realize that I never wrote about our fundraiser party that was held a few weeks ago. It was a really sweet time to eat some good food, talk with all our friends about the adoption, shop, eat some more good food, and raise some money for Michaella and Andy's adoption and to help bring our Eli home.

Shame on me for not posting pictures sooner...

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that worked together and helped support us!

And, since this seems to be an adoption and furniture arrangement dominated post...

We have finally decided on what to do about the kids rooms. If you remember we had played around with several scenario's...but have decided that (at least for the first few months) we will keep all three kids together. We will bunk Ella and Ezra (betcha can guess who is NOT getting the top) and give Eli one of the twin beds. A lot of thought went into this decision and I am finally at peace with it. Shew.

On an unrelated that flip flop weather is here to stay (mostly) I gave my toenails their first painting of the season. Nothing like some red toes to make it feel like Summer is on it's way...and what a summer we have to look forward to!

Happy Thursday!
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Molly Moose said...

Hi! I got to your blog through your mom's blog. I always find it so interesting to hear about large mixed (adoption and birth) families. I always get an extra perk when I hear about NC, my home state, so I stuck around. I knew Andy Johnson in church when he was in our college group. I've been loosely following his adoption story as well and found it very cool to see their blog mentioned on your page. Blogging definitely makes this a small world! Good luck bringing Eli home!

Mary Hamrick