Thursday Thoughts: Update!

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I just got an email from our agency informing us of our court date on April 8th!

Oh. My. Wow.

Would you start praying with us even now that all the documents and people are in place on the 8th in order for us to pass court.

Oh. My. Wow.

If we pass court on the 8th (approx 40% of cases don't pass on the 1st try) then we travel anywhere from 4-10 weeks later to GO. BRING. OUR. NEW. SON. HOME.

That puts us traveling as early as May or as late as early June.

Oh. My. Wow.
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Ahhh! So excited for you! Can't wait to meet your little boy!

Our Family said...

So exciting!! You will be in our thoughts and prayers! I hope everything goes perfectly!!!

That's so exciting! We will be praying for you guys :)

YAY!! We'll be praying!

Kelly Via said...

Awesome!! I got chilly bumps as I read this! Already praying for April 8, Jenn!! Great news!

Pam said...

I agree with Kelly...goosebumps all over!! YAY!! How exciting! We will definitely be lifting this up in prayer!

PRAYING FOR THE 8th. Praying for electricity, judges docket not to be to full, MOWA to sign all the paperwork and a favorable outcome!!!!! PRAYING!

mommajeane said...

YEAH! We all can't wait to meet him and of course we will be praying.

YEAH!!! I am so excited! We will be praying!!

oh wow! how awesome!!

Tasha Via said...


Briana said...

i will put this at the top of my birthday list (i'm only saying that because of the date). wil. definately. be. praying. love you, can't wait to see you soon. I guess this means you don't have to travel down there?

Jeanne said...

We love that little Eli!

Me. Us. She. said...

Congratulations on a court date!
So I am obsessively trying to figure out what ours will be. Were you submitted in court group "D"? We are group E and so if you are D then I guess we'll be the next group to be assigned a date. Group C got April 1st. Could this mean that court dates are just one week apart right now?? So excited if that is right.... Amanda (Can you comment on my blog to answer about your group letter?) Thanks!!

Amanda - not sure if you'll read this or not, but I couldn't reply on your blog for some reason. We are in group yes, hopefully you will have an earlier date than you first thought!