Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

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We head out today for a weekend trip to the mountains with our college students from Grey Stone. Eli's first trip with us. Besides the trip around the world that brought him here. I am excited to "get away" for a few days...hopefully into cooler weather. Oh my...has it been hot! We haven't played outside all week, but instead have gotten our energy out at the local chic-fil-a, library, and a playdate at a pool. And we still have August to get through.

After my attitude adjustment (and two nights of uninterrupted sleep) the rest of my week has gone much better than the beginning. I wouldn't say Ezra has changed too much...I've just been a lot more patient and understanding with him.

I took Ella with me last night to Kroger's to take advantage of their Mega Sale going on this week and I think I have found a new partner to grocery shop with. Up until now I have only liked going grocery shopping by myself. I felt like losing my mind (and always ended up spending more) if I took all the kids with me. However, last night Ella truly was my partner. She pushed her own cart, had her own list, loaded up her items onto the belt, and even paid the cashier. She took it very seriously. Except for racing her mommy down the empty aisles. The beginning of a new era I believe.

Eli has learned how to say "awesome" and "amen" and finally figured out "bye bye" this week. Oh, and I learned that he has got a thing for any music with Beyonce in it.

I added up all the laundry I have done in the last week. 32 loads.

Yeah. I don't need to make any comments about that.

Thankfully, we really think we are in the clear with the scabies. Two treatments and two house scourings and 32 loads of laundry later. When we get back from the mountains the kids get to "release" all their toys from their trashbag prisons. It is going to be like Christmas around here for a few days.

I am working on getting caught up on the rest of my posts from our trip to Ethiopia as well as an update on how Jeremiah and I are adjusting to the new family dynamics. I really am. But for this weekend...I am just going to enjoy being with my family. And a van load of college students.

Happy Friday!

p.s. I thought this picture pretty much sums up their relationship at the moment =) Got any ideas for a caption for this photo?
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mommajeane said...

I am sure Ella is a real help and fun to shop with. I always loved having you and your sisters with me...Have a great wknd. in the mountains.

"If I ignore him...maybe he will go away" ;-)

Heather said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I like taking one of my children w/ me to the grocery store also. It is a great bonding time. I hope you all have a great time this weekend, and much cooler weather. :)

As far as the picture goes, it is so cute! I can't think of a caption. I can't wait to see their relationship as it continues to grow.

RJ said...

Beyonce? Thats hilarious

Susan said...

I'm so glad to hear things are going better. Yeah, we all need adjustments every now and then, and rest always helps with those. Hope you all have a great retreat!

OOOOH! We did the Kroger Mega Sale, too. Cheese is overflowing our freezer, and the kids will get to eat spaghetti O's (something we don't usually do). About Ella being your shopping pal... are you thinking of homeschooling? (Or do you now?) I taught my girls coupon clipping and using the coupons to do "math problems" to find the "best deals." We incorporate this into our lessons. Now that they are old enough for allowances, I am having them earn theirs in a different way. They get to earn a percentage of the savings we get by using coupons if they clip and help with the math, etc. Grocery shopping is a big prep event and then both girls beg to go with me. They love watching the register. Like today at Kroger, my bill went from $98.__ to $31.__. They were literally cheering in the line. :-O

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Have fun this weekend! :)

Briana said...


32 loads. not so awesome

scabies. oh i can't even think about it.

the picture. i would like to have a great caption, but alas all i can think is.....yep, nothing. ok then i dub Debbie the winner thus far.