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We started out in the mountains of North Carolina...

Where it was cooler and refreshing and I (the idiot) forgot my camera. Sigh. The incredibly fun photo opportunity at the water hole with rope swing will remain forever captured in only my head.

But today...we are (surprise!) up in Maryland with my family!

I got a wild hare and decided that I would take all three littles up here by myself yesterday. So that's what we did. And here I am.

Sidenote: I learned that Eli gets carsick and that once again...throw up in the car is really my idea of hell on earth. That and tiny little windowless doctor office exam rooms. Nevertheless, we made it.

And we are having a blast:

More to come later!
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Renae said...

I'm so with ya on the throw-up in the car thing!! I took Bonine for Kids with me to Bulgaria...just in case..better safe than wet and stinky! Good stuff!

Erin said...

I remember when we were in China - all the older adopted kids - just ages 2 and 3, got carsick on the bus. Like every time. I heard it was because they had never really ridden in vehicles a lot, so maybe it will get better?

Kelly Via said...

Oh Jenn, so sorry Eli got carsick. That had to be zero fun...for everyone. BUT, I am glad you are having fun in Maryland!! Have a great time!