(a short) Thursday Thoughts

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I'm home. No throw up this time. Yay! (and Yay! and Yay! some more!)

I brought back my sister Leah and brother Isaac...for some extra moral support (and maybe a little lawn mowing help). And some help babysitting as we have Eli's cat scan in the morning and his pediatric neurosurgeon appointment on Monday. I'm pretty sure I didn't want wild man Ezra along for the ride for those appointments.

Being the complete angel that he is these days. You know.

We will probably try to squeeze in a date or two while these two are here also. Goodness...I love my family! We had a great week and everyone had lots of fun. But I am so very glad to be sleeping in my bed tonight.

Here are some more random pictures of the fun we had:

Of course Nana said it was ok to ride in the baby swing...silly boys!

Both boys loved this boat...

Matching hats...

Photo shoot with baby Maddy...

Ella and Mya doing their "quiet time" together...

Happy Thursday!
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mommajeane said...

We love you too and are missing our sweethearts from NC already.