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We snuck away to my family for our Christmas visit this past weekend. It was way too quick, but fun. And it even snowed a little bit...

Sidenote: I think Eli is getting used to the cold and snow...he actually smiled for the camera.

That makes two families down. One to go. For Christmas visits, that is.

Growing up I had both sets of grandparents within a half hour radius of our home. We would always do Christmas eve and morning at our house, then a brunch at one set of grandparents, and finally dinner at the other set. As a child it was awesome! As a parent I can see it would be exhausting.

Once I was married and we had Ella we decided that we would always be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...it was time to start our own family traditions. We, however, are more than willing (and love to!) go visit all three families right around the holidays. Yes, it makes for a lot of traveling since none of our families are close...but it is so worth it!

What about you...have you found a solution that works for your family holiday visits? Or are you just blessed enough to have family close by!
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Our families are close. We always do Christmas Eve with my family, then Christmas Day with Tony's family. We are still working on finding a tradition for just the 4 of us.

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, you take AWESOME pictures! I love the colors and angles...you have such a good eye.

I hope you are totally better by tomorrow and can be master and commander again:)

LOVE that picture of Ezra!!

1) Every year there is drama involving Christmas logistics with the inlaws. And that is all I will say.

2) LOVE those pictures!!