Thursday Thoughts

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Holiday pet peeve venting is about to occur...

Why do the holiday Christmas kids movies come on at 8pm or later?
I'm sure my kids aren't the only kids in this country that go to bed around 8pm.

Toy packaging. Why must they rivet, grommet, twist tie, staple, and glue all possible pieces? It really shouldn't require me to have a box cutter, scissors, a kitchen knife, and a screwdriver to open it up. Or to have to ask my children to leave the room while I lose my sanctification.

Side note: I just found out that there is an actual name for this type of anger that arises from toy packaging: Wrap Rage. And a support group where you can share your story. And here's an article on how Amazon is taking on wrap rage by starting its own packaging initiative.

Who knew?

Moving on...

My favorite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street. Although It's a Wonderful Life is a close second. Care to share yours?

In the movie theme...

Ella has a fascination with the Chronicles of Narnia series. (that dates back a while.)
The books.
The movies.
And especially the music. She used to request the soundtrack be played as backgroud music during her room time.

In preparation for the new Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie hitting theaters tomorrow Jeremiah read the book to Ella. They just finished it this week and I managed to capture a few photos of some of their reading moments together.

Love it.
Love them.

Happy Thursday!
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Dana said...

Love those photos Jen! The first one would be so beautiful enlarged on her wedding day. (I know, gasp.) xoxo

I am the mom said...

okay--side note. I was reading your post and Ezra's picture was still on the screen in the right column. Adam walks up and says, "Mommy that's me! Is that me?" lol!

Addie said...

Toy Packaging song by Sara Groves :) You'll like it :)