Not Me Monday

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I did not accidentally wash one of Ella's princess outfits with our normal laundry and therefore...bedazzle the rest of our clothes. So, of course I've not been picking sequins and glitter off of the boys shirts and pants(and underwear).

I did not put the salt and pepper back in the fridge and the milk and butter back in the cupboard after making mashed potatoes this week. Of course I'm always focused when I'm cooking.

I did not realize after finishing up the last bit of my Christmas wrapping and shopping (and sighing in contentment for a job well done) that I had totally forgotten to get a single thing for my husband. Nothing. Not a thing. Nada.

Oh no. Nope. Not me.
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Tasha Via said...

Are you pregers?:)

sounds like it to me Tash! Least you remembered before Christmas eve! that would have been hard to play off! ;-)

you guys are too funny =)

{S} said...