Thursday Thoughts (that I almost forgot)

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I have been a busy little bee today and completely forgot that it is Thursday. I almost forgot to grace you with my thoughts (insert strong sarcastic tone into that sentence).

Busy with sugar cookie and obstacle course making. And a homeschooling lesson on guesstimating. And fighting with insurance companies. And planning our Christmas dinner and final grocery list. Am I crazy for heading out to the stores tonight? Probably.

Oh well. I have no choice. I am determined to smile at every person that cuts in front of me or bumps into me or forgets their manners.

Tis' the season.

The kids are super excited that there are only 2 loops left on our Christmas countdown. I think this might be the first year that they will be waking us up on Christmas morning! The first of many.

I am super excited to have five whole days of Jeremiah home. Nice.

Oh, and did you hear. In North Carolina we are having a very unusual winter and they are calling for SNOW on CHRISTMAS DAY. What? A white Christmas?! How exciting. I love you Greg Fischel. Now don't go and let me down. Hearts will be crushed.

Happy Thursday!
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How is it that as soon as we move NC turns into the land of snowfalls and a white Christmas??? Just a tad jealous here in GA (where it's supposed to be 57 tomorrow!) :)

P.S. We've been spending the month of December doing "fun" school also, and we just finished up a lapbook on Christmas in the Big Woods (Little House on the Prairie book). Have you looked at stuff on this site: The girls loved the lapbook, and it will be a neat thing to throw in here and there.