Thursday Thoughts

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How is it Thursday already? Losing a day this week has really thrown me off. How is it Christmas next week?

For the second time this month we have snow on the ground here in North Carolina. That is more than we normally get all winter...and it is not even Christmas! I'll take it. You'll never hear a complaint come out of my lips. I love the snow and how it forces us to stay home and do cozy things. I always feel like making soup and baking when it snows. Anyone else? I also realize that I am spoiled because I don't have to worry about making up school days, missing work, etc.

Jeremiah surprised me this week (he can't keep a secret from me to save his life, ha!) and gave me my Christmas present early. Its the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. And I am loving it. For those of you who like photography it is a great (relatively inexpensive) lens that is great for taking photo's in low light situations.

For example this is how most of my photo's would turn out if I took them inside at night and was forced to have to (gasp) use a flash:

And this is an example of a picture taken again, indoors and at night. But with my new lens this time I am able to increase my aperture opening to 1.8 and not use a flash:

I am getting used to the fact that it is a prime lens and there is no zoom. But that is no biggie and I'm sure I'll be feeling more comfortable with it in no time. Merry Christmas to me!

I got my bright orange shutterfly box of Christmas cards in the mail this week. And have been a busy bee getting them all out. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to get that task done.

The kids and I made Christmas cookies last night. Oh my goodness. What a mess! Seriously. It took me longer to clean up the kitchen in the aftermath than it did to make the cookies. But we had fun. And they turned out yummy.

The funny thing is I didn't intend to make the spritz cookies chocolate...but realized about halfway through the recipe that I was reading the wrong recipe and it was way to late to change it. But, actually...I ended up liking the chocolate ones better. Minus the fine cocoa powder dust that coated my entire kitchen after Ella put the electric mixer into the powder. Poof. I instantly had three brown skinned kids!

Happy Thursday!
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YAY I am glad you like that lens! That's what I asked for for Christmas too :) And I believe it's sitting upstairs in the guest room. Sweet! And those cookies look good...

Pam said...

You will only fall in love with it more and more and more over time!! YAY! ☺

ohh I am glad you got your lense!! and early too so you can use it for your christmas pictures...the ones when the kids are up before daylight! ;-) I am baking cookies this afternoon...made be laugh to read this and also cringe to think about the aftermath! But now I am prepared to RELAX,make a mess and laugh!! Love you guys!

Kelly Via said...

Enjoy that lens! That's one of the best-for-the-money purchases for your camera bag, in my opinion!

I would have loved to see your three brown-skinned kids. Did you happen to shoot a picture of that?

Happy Thursday!