Not Me Monday

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My five year old daughter didn't tell me to "please stop singing" while I was cooking dinner this past week.

And it didn't hurt my feelings. At all.

My three year old son does not tell me to "not do dat" when I sing in the car these days.

And it doesn't hurt my feelings. At all.

And I most definitely did not embarrass myself (and my children, apparently) by going up on stage and karaoke singing "A Whole New World" with Jeremiah during a college Christmas party this past weekend.

Oh no. I'd have chosen a much less lame song to embarrass myself on.

(You know...something like..."Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC. Ahem, Steve-o.)

Oh no. Never. Not me.
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That's so funny! Me performing karoke is one of those go-to-school-without-any-clothes-on kind of nightmares I have :)