life lessons: needs and wants

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In our family Ezra's birthday, Ella's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are squeezed into 3 short months. That is a lot of celebrations, candy, and gifts showered on them in 3 short months. And even though we don't do a lot of presents and thankfully all sets of the grandparents also show is still a lot of stuff crammed into 3 short months.

Now, we are not anti-present, anti-candy, or anti-celebration...(on the contrary...we LOVE celebrating!) but we thought it was time to have a discussion with the kiddo's on the idea of needs verses wants.

So we did.

And to help make this lesson more tangible to a young childs mind we made up two boxes labeled 1)NEEDS and 2)WANTS and then gathered up a bunch of items and talked about what should go where and put them in the appropriate box. And then let them pick some items and choose where they thought they should go.

It opened a lot of discussion about how God is our ultimate provider and always provides everything we need. Not always our wants...although, he graciously has provided SO SO SO many of them. And our need to be thankful and grateful.

A good lesson for Mom and Dad too.

And of course, since Jeremiah was involved, we had to learn a song and have a dance party.

And, for the Gramma's and Meme's and Nana's in our life...a little video:

(Yes, we went old school 90's worship song...but, hey, it fit with the theme!)

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mommajeane said...

What a wonderful way to wake up and see the cutest grand children ever praising the Lord.

Kristen said...

New song at Elevation next week? I'm sure I have the piano music somewhere...

Tasha Via said...

That's great Jenn! I LOVE the look on their faces on the couch. That's about how mine look when we are talking to them too, ha:)

Becky Swann said...

I love that, it is a wonderful thing that your extended family doesn't overwhelm the kids with gifts we haven't figured that one out yet, but this year went through all her stuff and gave a tone away for kids that don't have anything. (only to prepare for the truckload we are getting from J's nana:)
Ellen loved watching the video of them singing!

I love it! Have I told you lately that I think you are both AWESOME parents!! I do! I am very proud of you!! and those babies too!!

Hugs and kisses from Florida!

meredith said...

Hello - You don't know me, but I found your blog through a friends. I've been really interested in adopting from Ethiopia, so I've been checking out a lot of adoption blogs. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful and inspiring your adoption story is. You have 3 very cute kiddos :) Love your idea on need/wants. I think I might do that with my kiddos.