Thursday Thoughts

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I'm back from my blogging break. And still recovering from the whirlwind I like to call the Christmas of 2010.

Don't get me was a GREAT Christmas. But a whirlwind.

Yesterday was mandatory nap day around here. Including this momma. And miraculously... it happened. All three fell asleep at the same time and stayed asleep for longer than an hour.

Oh the happy hearts that abounded after the restorative sleep.

And for posterity sake I'll include a quick recap of our Christmas doings...

Christmas Eve was spent in a flurry of last minute wrapping, baking, shopping, and an awesome Christmas Eve service at Journey Church. Christmas morning was spent doing our family "gift to Jesus" and then home for brunch and presents. Christmas afternoon we hosted good friends for dinner and played pictionary into the wee hours of the night. Or at least until 9pm. Then Sunday morning we trekked up to Virginia to celebrate Christmas with our Via family. We were also able to fit in a visit with Jeremiah's granny and aunts and cousins one night and a visit with my best bud and her family while we were up there.


And just when I let my guard down and didn't bring Eli's motion sickness medicine...Bam. Throw up in the car. Again. I will never let my guard down again. Ever.

We also traveled in our Saturn SUV instead of our van this trip because of all the snow we had to travel through to get up there. And I have to say that I am officially spoiled by our van. I just about lost my sanctification every time I had to buckle three booster seats all squished in a row.

But I did mention that it was a great Christmas. And it was. Eli was so funny to watch as we had to teach him how to open a present. And he would have been content with just the one little truck he got in his stocking. Priceless.

And now we move our focus onto the new year. Setting new goals and reflecting on the past year.

Happy Thursday!
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Dana said...

Wee hours of the are so funny!
Was WONDERFUL having you here. We were all talking afterwards how your visit was the icing on the cake!

Kristen said...

Oh, it was at least 10.

Briana said...

oh dear, hope he didn't throw up on the way to/from mom and dad's. those roads are brutal.

it was SO great to see you guys. thanks so much for making the trip out there. we will have to start planning our next trip soon!