Eli: 5 month Update

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Where to begin?

Five months. 5. Five whole months.

(Technically, 5 months and a few days...but who wants to get technical?)

Eli Cade is a blessing. A blessing. A blessing. A blessing.

Some moments I feel that more than others. But I know it is the truth.

He is doing good. He eats good. Favorite foods remains pepperoni pizza and any kind of spicy mexican. Sleeps good. One 2 hour nap a day and around 11 hours at night. It is a rare occasion when he wakes up from his nap crying anymore. Potty training, eh...not so good. Some major regression lately.

He had a checkup with the pediatrician this week and we learned that he has gained over 4 lbs and grown over 2 inches! He is actually in the 25% for height and weight now for 4 year olds...even though he is not "technically" 4 until March of 2011. (That whole technical thing again.)

His vocabulary has expanded to include the following phrases:

That hurts.
Don't go.
Don't want to.
Don't do that.
Can't see.
Turn it up.
(my personal favorite) Eli frustrated.

He can say a lot of other words too and can string several words together and I know he understands the majority of what we say to him now. His enunciation still needs a lot of work, but after speaking with a speech therapist and the pediatrician our plan is to have him formally evaluated and started on speech therapy after his recovery from his surgery in January.

Coming up in less than a month.

His imaginative play has really expanded this past month and he frequently carries around this little imaginary baby in his hands throughout the day and takes care of it. Have I mentioned before that he loves babies? He does. And is so sweet and gentle with them. Usually they love him right back.

Another favorite game of his is to open and shut the hall linen closet door and tell all his family hello and goodbye (i'll be right back!) repeatedly as he open and shuts (open and shuts...) the door. Have I mentioned that he loves to close doors? Not so good at opening them and I rescue him from the bathroom at least once a day.

He still loves costumes and hats. And making funny faces. A lot of times making funny faces while wearing his hats. And he will argue with you all day long that spiderman "roars".

His relationship with Ezra has hit a much better spot. They still have their moments (numerous times a day) but not so much more than any two brothers I suppose. Two 3 year old brothers at that.

I still struggle with not always feeling enormous ooey gooey amounts of good feelings towards him...but it gets better month by month and I am completely overwhelmed in amazement for how far we have come in these 5 short months.

I love him to the moon and back...and I tell him that every night.

And the most amazing thing has happened in this last month...

He has started saying it back.

Not that I am owed his love. But that he has allowed me the privilege of earning it.

Happy five months Eli Cade!
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mommajeane said...

It is amazing how quickly the 5 months have gone. He is such a cutie...and can melt my heart with those big brown eyes and sweetness lips of his. I think he has done remarkable as have all of you.

This reminds me a lot of a book I read that talked about how imaginative play helps children work through struggles in their lives. I imagine his door obsession has to do with the fact that he is learning you will always come back when you leave him - leave, return, leave, return, leave, return. Also, I wonder if the invisible baby is him - being cared for by you? Congratulations on your 5 months together :)