They Made It!

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We finally received that long awaited call that Jeremiah and Jennifer have made it to the guest house there in Ethiopia. They said the flights were uneventful which is an answer to prayer. When Ella was talking with them on the phone, she kept asking "Do you have Eli yet?" and then she would say in a sad voice "but I want to talk to him."
As we are sleeping tonight, they will be going to the orphanage to meet Eli, their son for the first time. I know they will appreciate your prayers. I will keep you updated as I get news. Jim (aka the substitute blogger)
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Our Family said...

That is great news! They will be in our thoughts and prayers!!

Tasha Via said...

You are a great substitute blogger Jim!

Renae said...

So excited for all of you! I'll be praying for a continued "uneventful" trip, and a sweet meeting for Eli and his new Mommy and Daddy!

Wonderful news! SO excited for your family!

Kelly Via said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the updates!