Flower Fairies

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For all my other mother of fairy/princess loving daughters out there...here is a craft idea I snagged from Family Fun magazine. Ella (and me, ha) had so much fun with it that I just had to pass it along.

1. Go outside and collect a handful of grasses, leaves, flowers, or anything that might make an interesting fairy costume.
2. Draw a stick figure outline on paper.
3. Use your nature collections to design a fairy and her outfit.

Simple and free. Two of my favorite words.

Here's what Ella and I came up with...

Feel free to pass along any of your simple and free craft ideas!
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Allyson said...

Making play dough or clay that you bake and paint is always fun and it just uses stuff in your pantry like flour and salt. It was a big hit at day camp last year (good for all ages too!).

Anonymous said...

Love this idea!! :) - Heidi Grooms