Thursday Thoughts

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Ezra is really into building these elaborate garages and roads for his cars. He works very diligently at getting everything arranged according to some plan in his head. Pretty darn cute.

And something clicked for Ella this past week and she is swimming. I mean really swimming. Underwater and everything. Pretty cool to see. She is so proud of herself. (So am I.)

I am making a public admission of guilt to being addicted to playing Tetris on the ipod. When nothing else will stop the jumble in my mind I can count on Tetris. Or some silly monkey game. Not to brag or anything...but I am pretty good. I think Jeremiah is regretting introducing me to it.

Speaking of the jumble in my mind.
Until I see this face.
Face to face.

I was able to meet with a fellow adoptive mom and friend (and fellow durhamite!) over coffee last night and bombard her with questions =) Thank you Megan for meeting with me! She was an incredible source of knowledge as they brought their Sam home just six months ago. I especially appreciated her help in compiling a list of questions and ideas for our meeting with Eli's birth family.

Today is Jeremiah's last day in the office before we leave.

I am bringing two pairs of shoes.

And the DSLR.

Happy Thursday!
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Pam said...

You won't regret the DSLR decision...I was hoping you were going to go for it. That you can replace if broken. The first snapshots of meeting Eli in person-PRICELESS!

So excited for you!

Tasha Via said...

Good choice of camera and 2 pairs of shoes is wise;)

Keesha Via said...

Wow! Could Ilijah and Ezra be more alike? I mean that is almost crazy.