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I have had a lot of friends asking if it was ok to meet us at the airport when we get back...and YES, it is.

I can't promise what we will look like or smell like or behave like after all those hours on the plane. But. You've been warned. Oh, and we probably won't be sticking around too long or going out to dinner. And no one can come home with us =) But. We would love a greeting party! So come. If you want to.

Here are the details:

We fly in on Saturday July 3rd to RDU Airport at 1:37pm on a United flight.
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Kelly Via said...

I love how you set the expectations here, Jenn. Very clear. Welcome us...then we are going home. Very smart momma there!!

Now go get your son already!! We can't wait to meet him!

Briana said...

i'm so excited for you guys! wish i could be there. we'll be praying!!