To Do Update

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I know you've been waiting on pins and needles for this...

Red = done
Black = still need to do

1) Get kids room/house ready
- Buy bunkbeds/new sheets/comforter/etc.
- Buy new dresser for Eli
- Clean out toy bins - Organize and wash all size 2t clothes for Eli
- Clean out Ella and Ezra's clothes and dressers
- Get new ELI letters for his room, paint, and hang
- Jeremiah to build a new bench for the kitchen table (we've run out of chairs!)
- Install 3rd car seat (we've got it, just not installed)

2) Plan trip
- Buy airline tickets
- Make final arrangements for Ella and Ezra
- Make arrangements for Levi, cats, bird, house, garden, mail, etc.
- Call doctor for travel medications
- Contact Ethiopian social worker to work out details to meet Eli's birth family
- Shop for orphanage donations
- Book Ethiopian hotel/guest house
- Gather together all travel documents needed/make copies of important documents
- Sucker friends into mowing the lawn while we are gone (we are gonna OWE you BIG time Josh and Todd!)
- Make arrangements for travel to airport/pick up from airport/etc.
- Pack

3) Plan FINAL fund raiser (yard sale/bake sale)
- Organize all items
- Price items
- Finalize where to have it

- Organize volunteers to bake goods
- Place ad in newspaper
- Place ad on craigslist

- Invite facebook friends

- Go through entire house room by room for extra items
- Make up signs

4) Miscellaneous
- Empty entire memory card on camera
- Make dentist appointments for kids - Take kids to dentist
- Add Eli to health insurance/will/etc.
- Look into re-adoption options/requirements
- Organize adoption receipts/request missing ones from agency, etc.
- Make up list of questions to ask Eli's birth family (I'd love any suggestions from families who have done that before)
- Finish up thank you cards for all those who have been a part of this journey

I've been busy...but still need to stay busy too =)

Anybody still want to pinch me?!
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Pam said...

A lot more red than black!! YAY!! :)

Hollan said...

i wish i could be there to help u all with the kids! Since my adoption was a big part in getting my brother we adopted right there in Lenoir,NC,and my parents chose a closed adoption! after we got a call saying the had a little boy w/ red hair waiting 4 us we got really excited,and didnt tell family till we saw them on christmas day!

Anonymous said...

I asked our daughter's birthmom what her birthday was and how big our daughter weighed at birth...also what things she enjoyed growing up and now, would she want to meet our daughter one day if our daughter sought it out....just a few questions that helped me understand this precious woman and possibly the things my daughter will take delight in knowing one day....
Blessings for your travels to pick up sweet boy!
ps - we met forever ago at Anna Norton's baby shower :)