Blessing and Responsibility

Why has God blessed me?

Especially when I look around the world (or even in my city of Durham) and so many have so little.

I love how David Platt puts it in his book Radical:

"I have been blessed for God's glory. Not so I can have a comfortable life with a big house and nice car. Not so I can spend lots of money on vacations, education, or clothing. Those aren't bad things, but I've been blessed so that the nations will know Christ and see his glory."

It is easy to disconnect God's blessings from God's purpose.
It is easy to delegate the task of spreading the Gospel to the few, the chosen, the called.

Easy. Yes.

Right? No.

If I call myself a Christian, then I am called to make his name known.

Just something the Lord is working out in my heart these past few weeks.


heidi said...

truth! so good!


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