Puppy Power

By | 6:45 PM 5 comments
I have a feeling Ella won't be missing us too much.

Why, you ask?

Take a look at what Gramma and PawPaw brought with them...

Now I can only hope that all four survive a week with Ezra.
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Allyson said...

oh how precious! Have fun going to get your little boy, i'm praying for you guys! Can't wait to meet him :)

too cute!

mommajeane said...

Oh they will love it....They are so cute.

Aww! How cute! You know we're in the market for a puppy - right ;)

Kelly Via said...

Oh my goodness. See...they are cute at that age. They are going to have so much fun with those puppies!! I can see those little guys all over Ella and Ezra now!